“I began this great education adventure at Agora Sant Cugat International School as a tutor in the second year of Primary, when my daughter Laia was starting P3.

We were both changing schools and facing new challenges and emotions, important changes in our lives. We had to make new friends, adapt to a completely new space, and a new way of teaching and learning.

I remember that from the very first moment, the light and the colour which invaded the school captivated me. It was a school which emitted vitality and happiness and transmitted good energy. And I was able to confirm this as I met the staff who were part of it: cooks, secretaries, co-ordinators, the team of teachers…

Throughout these years, I have had the possibility to meet lots of children, the great treasures who are the protagonists of this exciting educational journey, some wonderful teachers with whom I have learnt an enormous amount each day, sharing emotions, feelings, experiences, and secrets.

With the parents of these teachers, with whom we have had daily contact, we have met to exchange information or points of view, we have come to important agreements, and we have thoroughly monitored their son or daughter’s progress, which has enabled me to discover other realities, be able to put myself in their shoes (well, to try it to understand their situation) and in short, LEARN AND SHARE!

Eight academic years later, I’m a P5 tutor and Laia is now in 5th Primary, now it’s not just the two of us who go together, Nil, my second child who is currently in P4, is also with us. The three of us get up early every day because we come from Barcelona on the school bus, but they begin the day with enthusiasm and in good spirits, we work with perseverance and take advantage of every situation to discuss what we’re doing and to learn. I feel satisfied and happy that I decided to be a teacher, to be a teacher and to do so in a school which has stolen my heart: my pupils’ school and my children’s school, in other words, MY SCHOOL.”

12 / 01 / 18