“My name is Rosa Conde, I’m a TEACHER! and the co-ordinator of the El Roure building (pupils from P1 to 3rd Primary Education).

I’ve worked at the school for the 25 years that Agora Sant Cugat International School has been open, I have been very lucky to be able to start from its beginnings, and share, with a great team made up of the school’s teaching and non-teaching staff, the day to day of its story.

I have reached the conclusion that, for me, these years have been like a unique and incomparable painting, which has taken shape day by day, building itself until it becomes a harmony of colours, a magnificent representation of all that is important.

And in reaching this I smile, because nothing would have been possible, nor would these colours have life, without the light that each of our children contributes and has contributed. The light is that which magic has, which life has, and is the very raison d’être of any colour and any painting.”

12 / 01 / 18