It has been with true personal satisfaction that I have leaded international projects such as the EYP (European Youth Parliament) and Comenius. These projects are an opening into the world, giving our students a chance to develop life skills that ensure success in the future. Thanks to the EYP, many of our magnificent 4th ESO students have gone from taking part in national debates to doing so in international ones, in Latvia, the Czech Republic, Norway, the Ukraine and Turkey. The first three presidents of EYP Spain have been Agora pupils! What is more, I was one of the two European teachers on the EYP governing body that has frequent meetings in Berlin. I have also been in charge of two Comenius projects that are backed by the Spanish Ministry of Education and through which 4th ESO students travel and work on projects alongside students from Ireland, Wales, Holland, Germany, Estonia and Norway.”

15 / 01 / 18