“When you arrive at a new house, everything is unknown. I have just joined this project called “Agora”, and little by little I am finding answers to some of these questions.

It’s clear that an institution is no more than the sum of its people, and if we’re talking about a school, we mean pupils, teachers and families (and I haven’t forgotten the maintenance staff, kitchen staff, secretaries, management team, etc. but all this escapes my competence and my day to day). Over these months I summarise my feelings in: pupils with potential and lots of possibilities, families who get involved, and a devoted, professional teaching team, all pulling in the same direction, with the enthusiasm of helping our pupils in everything possible.

Of course, if between us we have the complex task and the enormous responsibility of educating young people who are competent and prepared, and you realise on resolving the initial unknowns that we have pupils with potential, collaboration from families, and a first-class teaching team, the only thing that comes to mind is that we can’t waste this opportunity. Time to work.”

12 / 01 / 18