“We want to highlight first of all, the high-quality and demanding educational work which ASCIS offers all the pupils, which is progressive, and at the same time uniform, with regard to values and academic disciplines, which is developed from Infant Education and concluded in the Baccalaureate.

This homogeneity in the method and in their approach enables families and ASCIS to have the opportunity to find the place from which to work together to ensure the correct development of our children’s education.

As well as the values that the teaching team, very professional and committed, and the rest of the ASCIS staff are able to transmit to the children and young people, it is very important to us to be able to complement our children’s academic education with other connected experiences, among others, in the world of music, literary contests, charity projects, and of course, exchanges with other schools in different countries, which offer them the possibility to broaden their horizons and discover other cultures and ways of living first hand.”

15 / 01 / 18