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Leopold, Francia

“My child said that he liked British nursery more than back home :)”

Yu Li, 14 años

“Your school is comfortable, interesting, fancy, fun, intelligent, cute, cool with good teachers.”

Emma Vernet

“I love this school because the teachers are great, they always help us, especially if English isn’t our mother tongue. I also really like the activities we do at the boarding school, like going to the bowling alley, or ice skating.”

Clara Vernet

“I like Stonar because everyone is really nice to us. The teachers are always making sure that we’re ok. We’re outside doing sport all day and the food is delicious.”

Paula Sarasquete

“The extracurricular activities at Stonar School are great. I have tried hockey for the first time and now I’m in the school team. I love it! At first it’s a bit difficult at the boarding school when they speak in English, but you get used to it straight away and the teachers are very attentive […]

Mercedes Marsal Fábregas

“The Baccalaureate is the transition between the long school period and the university future. It is a moment which puts teachers and pupils to the test. For us, the teachers, it is the last challenge to get the very best from our pupils. For them, the pupils, it is a stage in which, at their […]


“We are very happy to count on you to make our son Max a great person both personally and in the future in the professional, but most of all the most incredible thing is to see him happy every day when we get in the car to go to the cole! Thanks again!”

ANTAR Volunteering Group

“An education in values is one of the pillars of our Educational Project. That’s why values are worked on from all areas of the curriculum, and from Secondary Education onwards, also through the ANTAR volunteering group, made up of a large group of young people aged 12 to 18 years old, teachers and parents, and […]

Lina Arenas

Teaching through art places children in a world of sensibility, developing their creative and critical thoughts and fostering innovation, as art is a way of constantly looking for new solutions. Visual art forms are created, identified, interpreted and understood. Learning to observe guarantees the use of good strategies in all areas of education. In addition, […]

Francesc Guijosa and Laura Altimiras

“From the Sports Department, and with over twenty years of experience at the school, we believe that sport is fundamental for our pupils’ comprehensive education. In all these years we have grown as professionals, as they have as sportspeople. Physical and sporting education has been and will be a very important part of our education […]

Neus Casanovas and Imma Lluch

“Respect, attention, listening, creativity, effort, teamwork, discipline… At Agora Sant Cugat International School, experiencing music plays a fundamental role in education. The different music subjects reinforce these values in a fun and playful way, and provide pupils with new experiences. In the department, we think it is essential that the pupils actively live music in […]

María Olivés

“The IB has helped me find a better way to learn and, with the Theory of Knowledge I have acquired skills to adequately analyse this knowledge.”

Carla Hijazo

«Despite the additional effort we have made during the IB Diploma Program, we have learned to organize ourselves, to commit to studies and to learn to value time.»

Ferran Montserrat

«The IB has helped me improve my organization skills and thus my relationship with teachers has changed radically. They have become true mentors of my academic and personal development .»

Sofía Céspedes

“The IB has allowed me to develop my knowledge and has better equipped me. It has helped me being courageous, inquire, take risks and has broadly opened my mind. In short, to be interested in the world around me and, in some way, try to make a change.”

Montse Martí Linares

“Since I started teaching at Agora (a little more than 20 years ago), the world has changed a lot: globalisation, advances in information and communication technologies, concern for the environment, the growth of multiculturalism in our society… And our educational project has adapted to these new social needs. What has not changed in all this […]

Martin Getz

It has been with true personal satisfaction that I have leaded international projects such as the EYP (European Youth Parliament) and Comenius. These projects are an opening into the world, giving our students a chance to develop life skills that ensure success in the future. Thanks to the EYP, many of our magnificent 4th ESO […]

Elena Degollada

“NACEMUN is a simulation in English of the United Nations debates, in which each participant from the different schools takes on the role of delegate of a country. The dual objective was that they were made aware of how a conference of this type works, and at the same time, it was training for the […]

Marta Gonzalvo

“I entered Agora in 1st of Primary and last year I graduated. Over the course of these years at the school I have met lots of classmates and teachers, creating links that I know will last a long time. At the school I have always found a positive and uplifting atmosphere, and the education offered […]

Marc Morató Marsal

“Marc Morató is 30 years old and is the captain of Marina Mercante, right now he commands a 300-metre long ship, with 30 people on board and a cargo of liquefied natural gas. A huge responsibility. Via satellite from Puerto Rico, he tells us some of his memories of the school. “I began to learn […]

Homet – Castillo Family

“We want to highlight first of all, the high-quality and demanding educational work which ASCIS offers all the pupils, which is progressive, and at the same time uniform, with regard to values and academic disciplines, which is developed from Infant Education and concluded in the Baccalaureate. This homogeneity in the method and in their approach […]

Bianca Román

“Hello! My name is Bianca and I’m 12 years old. I’m a pupil at Agora Sant Cugat International School, and always, since the first day of school, I’ve loved it! It’s all really exciting! In the transition from my old school to Agora, lots of positive changes happened, and all the teachers were really useful. […]

Jana Soler

“A little worry, fading into the excitement of a first day which is different, new, and exciting. That’s how I felt when I set foot in the 1st Baccalaureate classroom for the first time. Since I was a new girl at the school, I considered that day as the beginning of a change of path, […]

Joana Henne

“As a teacher and tutor, I would like to highlight the family-school relationship our school offers, helping all pupils in their education process, always with the active participation of families to optimise their academic performance, and also highlight the help that the teachers offer our pupils to solve problems with subject matter or personal issues […]

Ferran Porres Dausà

“When you arrive at a new house, everything is unknown. I have just joined this project called “Agora”, and little by little I am finding answers to some of these questions. It’s clear that an institution is no more than the sum of its people, and if we’re talking about a school, we mean pupils, […]

Sílvia Maestro

“I began this great education adventure at Agora Sant Cugat International School as a tutor in the second year of Primary, when my daughter Laia was starting P3. We were both changing schools and facing new challenges and emotions, important changes in our lives. We had to make new friends, adapt to a completely new […]

Rosa Conde

“My name is Rosa Conde, I’m a TEACHER! and the co-ordinator of the El Roure building (pupils from P1 to 3rd Primary Education). I’ve worked at the school for the 25 years that Agora Sant Cugat International School has been open, I have been very lucky to be able to start from its beginnings, and […]

Marta Caminal Caramés

“And who would have told us that making paper balls, getting “gummets” stickers in English class, learning our nine times table, jumping hurdles in P.E., playing the violin, and drawing Christmas, would allow us to calculate integrals, write stories, solve chemical equations, study how cells work, understand and interpret texts by Plato, calculate the forces […]

Gemma Pellisa Prades

“Creativity has been a mainstay in my life and I began to realise its full potential when I was at Agora school. Every week we would have to write a text on a given subject and we would share it with our classmates by reading it aloud. (…..) When I started at the school I […]

Vicenç Gandol

“Agora Sant Cugat International School is much more than an excellent academic cradle. The global readiness, international experiences, music, sports, creative arts, and the focus on values, self-improvement, social commitment, respect, tolerance, and responsibility, are the pillars which support the personal and professional successes of our pupils, who are preparing to live successfully in a […]

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