Agrupación testimonio: Ex-alumnos

Marta Gonzalvo

“I entered Agora in 1st of Primary and last year I graduated. Over the course of these years at the school I have met lots of classmates and teachers, creating links that I know will last a long time. At the school I have always found a positive and uplifting atmosphere, and the education offered […]

Marc Morató Marsal

“Marc Morató is 30 years old and is the captain of Marina Mercante, right now he commands a 300-metre long ship, with 30 people on board and a cargo of liquefied natural gas. A huge responsibility. Via satellite from Puerto Rico, he tells us some of his memories of the school. “I began to learn […]

Marta Caminal Caramés

“And who would have told us that making paper balls, getting “gummets” stickers in English class, learning our nine times table, jumping hurdles in P.E., playing the violin, and drawing Christmas, would allow us to calculate integrals, write stories, solve chemical equations, study how cells work, understand and interpret texts by Plato, calculate the forces […]

Gemma Pellisa Prades

“Creativity has been a mainstay in my life and I began to realise its full potential when I was at Agora school. Every week we would have to write a text on a given subject and we would share it with our classmates by reading it aloud. (…..) When I started at the school I […]

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