Agrupación testimonio: Alumnos

Yu Li, 14 años

“Your school is comfortable, interesting, fancy, fun, intelligent, cute, cool with good teachers.”

Clara Vernet

“I like Stonar because everyone is really nice to us. The teachers are always making sure that we’re ok. We’re outside doing sport all day and the food is delicious.”

Paula Sarasquete

“The extracurricular activities at Stonar School are great. I have tried hockey for the first time and now I’m in the school team. I love it! At first it’s a bit difficult at the boarding school when they speak in English, but you get used to it straight away and the teachers are very attentive […]

María Olivés

“The IB has helped me find a better way to learn and, with the Theory of Knowledge I have acquired skills to adequately analyse this knowledge.”

Carla Hijazo

«Despite the additional effort we have made during the IB Diploma Program, we have learned to organize ourselves, to commit to studies and to learn to value time.»

Ferran Montserrat

«The IB has helped me improve my organization skills and thus my relationship with teachers has changed radically. They have become true mentors of my academic and personal development .»

Sofía Céspedes

“The IB has allowed me to develop my knowledge and has better equipped me. It has helped me being courageous, inquire, take risks and has broadly opened my mind. In short, to be interested in the world around me and, in some way, try to make a change.”

Bianca Román

“Hello! My name is Bianca and I’m 12 years old. I’m a pupil at Agora Sant Cugat International School, and always, since the first day of school, I’ve loved it! It’s all really exciting! In the transition from my old school to Agora, lots of positive changes happened, and all the teachers were really useful. […]

Jana Soler

“A little worry, fading into the excitement of a first day which is different, new, and exciting. That’s how I felt when I set foot in the 1st Baccalaureate classroom for the first time. Since I was a new girl at the school, I considered that day as the beginning of a change of path, […]

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