Improving the quality of teaching: NACE Platinum Standard

In order to improve every school and ensure educational excellence, NACE Schools has implemented a quality framework we call The NACE Platinum Standard. The aim of the Platinum Standard is to help the NACE schools evaluate the quality of the teaching they offer. Its principles are backed by some of the best practices used in educational systems worldwide, and the mission and values of NACE Schools. It is based on the use of quality indicators that help the NACE Schools community to:

  • measure the standards and quality of each school and of our group
  • recognise the key strengths of each school and of our group
  • identify the areas where it is necessary to maintain a high standard or where improvements are needed
  • identify the priorities and create a plan for improvement

To determine the quality of a NACE school and identify those areas where improvements are needed, five core areas are evaluated in each school:

  1. The effectiveness of leadership and management
  2. The quality of the teaching, learning and evaluation
  3. The pupil’s progress
  4. Values, attitudes, well-being and development of the pupil
  5. The NACE Schools value proposition

All this requires constant training for the teachers in order to improve the quality of their teaching and help them be more effective, along with high expectations for all the pupils, the use of questions to stimulate reflection, involvement and participation. There are also feedback 360º mechanisms to help with the communication between the teachers and students or among the students themselves.

All in all, NACE Platinum Standard is a tool that evaluates the educational level and quality of each school within the group to help them improve, finding optimum strategies for improvement in all areas.

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