Educational Excellence

At Agora Sant Cugat International School we prepare each pupil to live successfully in a globalised world, and educational excellence is one of the fundamental principles which help us to achieve this. For this, there must be a combination of top professionals and the best methodologies that identify and maximise the individual talents of each pupil. We recognise each child as a unique individual, with their own skills, and who over the course of the academic journey gain confidence, self-esteem, and learning, and much more, thanks to the encouragement and motivation they receive from their teachers.

This educational excellence is achieved by using a methodology which is innovative and is able to take the pupils through a broad range of educational stages from 0 to 20 years old, the great team of experienced teachers, and an Educational Psychology Department which provides support the pupils, families, and teachers. All of this makes for happy and motivated pupils who have a great future ahead of them.

Curriculum and Key Stages

An international curriculum for the 21st Century which is innovative and multilingual

The curriculum at Agora Sant Cugat International School is thorough and comprehensive and it focuses on each pupil’s individual needs and on the realities of today’s social, and working lives. A multilingual and international curriculum, which includes music, the arts and sport, with the aim of training people who are ethical and committed to the world and to their own learning.

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A methodology that fosters each student’s learning and talents

Our school is active and creative in its research, where each pupil, guided by their teachers, is the main player in his or her learning. A wide range of teaching skills make it possible for us to adapt to each pupil’s needs and preferences, making them motivated, social, ethical people with all the necessary tools to achieve academic and professional success.

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Technological Innovation

Technology at the service of each pupil’s learning

Technology for learning purposes is a means to an end, not the end itself. Coding is a language that encourages cognitive development and opens the pupils’ minds, preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow. In addition, technological solutions in the classroom make for more dynamic and attractive lessons.

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A learning community where we all learn

All our teaching staff take part in training sessions and are in an on-going learning process. Projects such as the Learning Coaches, or the Globeducate Platinum Standard support an improvement scheme, contribute towards the growth of our teachers and an educational excellence which is organic, real and adapted to the latest educational solutions.

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Educational Psychology Department

An all-round personalised attention for the pupils, parents and teachers

Our Guidance and Educational Psychology Department works alongside pupils, teachers and parents when dealing with each pupil’s individual needs. It is a differentiating service that guarantees diversity and an optimum development of the pupils with regards to their personal aptitudes and needs, and it always works in collaboration with the family so that there is a consistency with the education at home.

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