Summer Camp

A wide range of camps and services are on offer during the summer months for students from when they are aged one through to Baccalaureate: sports, science and technology, arts, Learn by playing, Baby summer or academic support. Check out our catalogue for more information about the activities on offer, timetables and ages.

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Camps aimed at teaching sporting skills and values.


Science and Technology

Camps that awaken children’s creativity and interest in science.


Performing arts

The Dance in English camp, for boys and girls, is all games and choreographies.


Multi-games in English

Camps like Summer Fun or Baby Summer Fun with crafts, experiments, excursions and much more.


Baby Summer

A camp for little ones: experimentation, handcrafts or introduction to cooking.


Academic Support

Re-take exam preparation lessons for going over or consolidating what has been learnt during the school year.


Summer in UK: an international summer

Thanks to our international network of schools, Agora Sant Cugat International School offers the chance to live an international experience at some of the UK’s most prestigious schools. Choose a destination and find out more about it!

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