Creative Arts

More than 70 performances a year

More than 6 artistic subjects

8 different creative arts

Dance school from the age of 3

Art is a discipline which is always present in our daily lives and in the decoration of our school. Through artistic language our pupils express themselves by means of different elements, in which creativity and imagination play a relevant role. A way of feeling life and of gaining awareness of the world, encouraging them to create, learn, and innovate.

Art strengthens our pupils’ intellectual capacities, but also benefits their communication, and the bond between parents and children at a young age. Through art, children think for themselves and develop their creativity, imagination, artistic sensibility, and emotions.

Our school is decorated with the work of all our pupils. In this way, they feel that the school is a space made by them, for them. A way to motivate them and favour their self-esteem, confidence, and the development of their creative skills. Just like any other communicative subject, creative thinking must be shared to give it full meaning and improve the development of the pupils’ aptitudes.

Thanks to the creative arts we foster creativity, discipline, and individual and team work. As well as being a way to express feelings, it is also a way to find the necessary strategies to overcome any obstacle they may face. As part of the school’s multilingual project, the working language is English, something which favours interaction among the various subjects. Furthermore, our pupils participate in different local and international competitions: creating a mascot, painting exhibitions, photography exhibitions, and a competition organised by Sant Cugat Town Council.


Teaching through art places children in a world of sensibility, developing their creative and critical thoughts and fostering innovation, as art is a way of constantly looking for new solutions. Visual art forms are created, identified, interpreted and understood. Learning to observe guarantees the use of good strategies in all areas of education.

In addition, art fosters respect and sensibility towards our artistic heritage in our pupils.”

Lina Arenas

Art teacher

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