Multilingual education

English language immersion

Preparation for official exams

Cultural exchanges

Visits abroad

Globeducate Events

We prepare pupils for a future in an international context, placing maximum importance on the use of English as the main language while learning other foreign languages. Trilingual education is the foundation of our language project, with an equal number of sessions in each language. Our international school offers a comprehensive language project adapted to each academic stage, providing them with a learning which will be of use throughout their lives, contributing to both their intellectual and personal development.

Language immersion at the Infant stage is key to early learning of any language. From the First Cycle of Infant Education (0-2 years) onwards, we begin the English Language Immersion Programme. In the Second Cycle (3-5 years), we introduce vocabulary in English as well as oral comprehension, with the aim of guaranteeing the success of the pre-reading process in P4 and P5.

In addition, from P4 to 4th Primary they study Chinese, which can be continued as an extracurricular activity. In 5th Primary a third language is introduced, French or German, as a second foreign language, which they will study until 4th ESO. The pupils also have the chance to sit the prestigious, world-renowned exams of Trinity College London, the University of Cambridge, the DELF, the Goethe Institute, and the Confucio Institute.

To complete the linguistic programme offered at Agora Sant Cugat International School, we offer cultural programmes and visits abroad in England, Wales, Ireland, France, Austria, Portugal, Norway, and the United States, for pupils from the age of 10 onwards. Pupils in 3rd and 4th ESO can take part in a unique programme where they study for a term, a semester, or a full year at Rydal School in Colwyn Bay (Wales) or at Stonar School (England), which is also part of the Globeducate group. We must also mention the Erasmus+ programme, which offers opportunities for studying, training, gaining work experience, and volunteering abroad.

Similarly, it must be pointed out that throughout the school year Globeducate organises different international events where our pupils have the opportunity to build relationships with students from other countries, from different schools in the group. These events are a unique learning experience for the pupils as they have the opportunity to improve their language skills while having fun. The Globeducate events which we participate in are: Globeducate Model United Nations, the Academic Olympics, International Music Week, the Globeducate Olympic Games, and the Visual Arts Competition.

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