Technological Innovation

Technology is part of our lives and especially those of our students’ as it is vital for them if they are to be successful when they step out into the working world. Furthermore, coding is an educational tool which offers a whole range of resources for resolving problems that help the pupils to «learn to learn», providing them with resources for developing their curiosity and critical thought, and with a solid base for accessing careers with a promising future.

The Gavea project

In the GAVEA project (Virtual Classroom Management for Academic Excellence, GAVEA in its Spanish acronym), tablets, digital boards, and interactive materials are teaching resources which add a motivational component to school activities, favouring attention to diversity, always under a teacher’s supervision and with a limited amount of daily use. These new tools improve learning, favour co-operative activities, and enable the development of cognitive skills and the acquisition of basic digital competencies.


Computer Science

Globeducate include Computer Science within their educational projects throughout Primary and Secondary. It is a highly innovative method as pupils learn computer programming (coding) and how everyday software and applications are developed. Programming language opens the minds of our students and therefore favours their learning. It also allows them to take part in activities such as «Hour of Code», an international collaborative event sponsored by some of the world’s top technological companies.


Creative Space

Creativity is fundamental in our students’ growth, since it helps them to build up their self-esteem, and develops their communication, favours socialisation, and encourages integrity. At Agora Sant Cugat International School we offer different activities which boost this great ability. We offer an extracurricular Robotics workshop, where the pupils learn how to programme robots to achieve different objectives. In Creative Technology, the pupils learn to programme drones and to design video games and 3D applications. Through fun science the pupils apply different scientific concepts thanks to the use of laboratories. Kids Brain is also part of this creative space, and consists of learning Mathematics in English by using an abacus. In addition, in Multimedia, pupils’ creativity is boosted by creating photos, short films, and lipdubs.


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