Our Teachers

The desire to learn reaches the pupils through their teachers’ own attitude and is one of the core principles of our project. That is why on-going training and staying up-to-date with the latest techniques is vital for our teachers. This means that we are at the forefront of education, we optimise resources and are able to prepare the pupils for their academic lives and the challenges they will face in the future in the world of work.

Top teaching staff

At Globeducate we believe our schools should be places where the whole educational community should constantly be undergoing training and, therefore, all our teachers participate in frequent training days and workshops. For example, all our teaching staff took part in a workshop on Impact in the Classroom which helped them discover how to have a greater impact on the pupils’ learning. Thanks to this kind of action our staff are highly motivated and efficient.

Another Globeducate scheme is the Learning Coaches for Educational Coaching, some of the school’s teachers who have been trained as Coaches to help and give other teachers feedback regarding their development and growth as teachers.

Finally, Globeducate has a teaching quality monitoring system by means of a systematic process of development, measuring, support and improvement called Globeducate Platinum Standard.

On-going training - Impact on Learning

Globeducate organises frequent training sessions for all its teachers. In the last year, all our teaching staff have been involved in a training workshop called Impact on Learning where they shared practical strategies that can have a big impact on the pupils’ learning according to several worldwide scientific studies. Some of the shared strategies were: The Role of questions, Motivation and Challenge in the classroom, Systematic Checking of the Pupil’s Progress and The Importance of Feedback. The teachers enjoyed the course and are putting into practice what they learnt.


Educational Coaching

As part of Globeducate’ striving for educational excellence, the Educational Coaching programme was set up in 2017. Teachers representing the differenct Globeducate have been trained as Coaches with the goal of helping their co-workers attain a level of excellence in the classroom.


Improvement Processes - Globeducate Platinum Standard

In order to improve every school and ensure educational excellence, Globeducate has implemented a quality framework we call The Globeducate Platinum Standard. The aim of the Platinum Standard is to help the Globeducate to evaluate the quality of the teaching they offer. Its principles are backed by some of the best practices used in educational systems worldwide, and the mission and values of Globeducate. It is based on the use of quality indicators that help establish improvement plans in areas such as the effectiveness of leadership, quality in teaching, and the progress and well-being of pupils.

Further Information about Globeducate Platinum Standard


“My name is Rosa Conde, I’m a TEACHER! and the co-ordinator of the El Roure building (pupils from P1 to 3rd Primary Education).

I’ve worked at the school for the 25 years that Agora Sant Cugat International School has been open, I have been very lucky to be able to start from its beginnings, and share, with a great team made up of the school’s teaching and non-teaching staff, the day to day of its story.

I have reached the conclusion that, for me, these years have been like a unique and incomparable painting, which has taken shape day by day, building itself until it becomes a harmony of colours, a magnificent representation of all that is important.

And in reaching this I smile, because nothing would have been possible, nor would these colours have life, without the light that each of our children contributes and has contributed. The light is that which magic has, which life has, and is the very raison d’être of any colour and any painting.”

Rosa Conde

Co-ordinator of the El Roure building

“I began this great education adventure at Agora Sant Cugat International School as a tutor in the second year of Primary, when my daughter Laia was starting P3.

We were both changing schools and facing new challenges and emotions, important changes in our lives. We had to make new friends, adapt to a completely new space, and a new way of teaching and learning.

I remember that from the very first moment, the light and the colour which invaded the school captivated me. It was a school which emitted vitality and happiness and transmitted good energy. And I was able to confirm this as I met the staff who were part of it: cooks, secretaries, co-ordinators, the team of teachers…

Throughout these years, I have had the possibility to meet lots of children, the great treasures who are the protagonists of this exciting educational journey, some wonderful teachers with whom I have learnt an enormous amount each day, sharing emotions, feelings, experiences, and secrets.

With the parents of these teachers, with whom we have had daily contact, we have met to exchange information or points of view, we have come to important agreements, and we have thoroughly monitored their son or daughter’s progress, which has enabled me to discover other realities, be able to put myself in their shoes (well, to try it to understand their situation) and in short, LEARN AND SHARE!

Eight academic years later, I’m a P5 tutor and Laia is now in 5th Primary, now it’s not just the two of us who go together, Nil, my second child who is currently in P4, is also with us. The three of us get up early every day because we come from Barcelona on the school bus, but they begin the day with enthusiasm and in good spirits, we work with perseverance and take advantage of every situation to discuss what we’re doing and to learn. I feel satisfied and happy that I decided to be a teacher, to be a teacher and to do so in a school which has stolen my heart: my pupils’ school and my children’s school, in other words, MY SCHOOL.”

Sílvia Maestro

Infant and Primary Education Teacher

“When you arrive at a new house, everything is unknown. I have just joined this project called “Agora”, and little by little I am finding answers to some of these questions.

It’s clear that an institution is no more than the sum of its people, and if we’re talking about a school, we mean pupils, teachers and families (and I haven’t forgotten the maintenance staff, kitchen staff, secretaries, management team, etc. but all this escapes my competence and my day to day). Over these months I summarise my feelings in: pupils with potential and lots of possibilities, families who get involved, and a devoted, professional teaching team, all pulling in the same direction, with the enthusiasm of helping our pupils in everything possible.

Of course, if between us we have the complex task and the enormous responsibility of educating young people who are competent and prepared, and you realise on resolving the initial unknowns that we have pupils with potential, collaboration from families, and a first-class teaching team, the only thing that comes to mind is that we can’t waste this opportunity. Time to work.”

Ferran Porres Dausà


“As a teacher and tutor, I would like to highlight the family-school relationship our school offers, helping all pupils in their education process, always with the active participation of families to optimise their academic performance, and also highlight the help that the teachers offer our pupils to solve problems with subject matter or personal issues which worry them and can affect their attention in class.”

Joana Henne

1st ESO Tutor and German Teacher

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